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Whether you be a home brewer, craft brewer or microbrewery owner, you know how the brewing and fermentation process involves managing some troublesome bacteria. You don’t want to let them ruin your beer. LAB Lactic Acid Bacteria as Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus lindneri, Lactobacillus paracollinoides, Pediococcus damnosus and other bacterial strains, if left uncontrolled, can cause incidents in beer like beer haze, off flavour and ropiness. Made with the all natural enzyme Lysozyme, Lysobier® is the best prevention for non pasteurised beers to protect against Lactic Acid Bacteria spoilage. It also helps to extend your beers’ shelf life and stabilise the beer foam. Lysobier® kills beer spoilers while preserving the natural and fresh integrity of special brews. It is the best natural solution to protect and conserve the yeast and to extend the shelf life of high fermentation, non-pasteurised, and bottle-conditioned beers. Lysobier® is the perfect solution to help craft brewers worldwide. Lysobier® protect your beer against undesired issues as beer haze or off flavour by lysing the cell wall of LAB bacteria thus stopping the fermentation at the desired point. Lysobier® improves also the beer foam and allows to ship your brewing product all over the world by extending its shelf life and safety of your product


Available in different formats Lysobier® is suitable for different commercial purpose for homebrewers and microbrewers. Even at home do not lose the chance to brew a better craft beer

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Bioseutica LYSOBIER®

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Lysobier® prevents the growth of spoilage bacteria (LAB) and improves the quality of your craft beer. By prolonging the shelf life of bottled beer thus expanding commercial opportunities for your beer. Try LYSOBIER® today.

Protect your beer

Spoilage bacteria

Boost Quality

Off flavour, beer haze, better foam

Ship worldwide

sell worlwide a top-quality beer

Boost safety

Prolong shelf life and improve safety parameters

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Bioseutica LYSOBIER®