Whether you be a home brewer, craft brewer or microbrewery, you know how the brewing and fermentation process involves managing some troublesome bacteria. You don’t want to let them ruin your beer.

LYSOBIER, made with the all natural enzyme Lysozyme, is the best prevention for non pasteurized beers to protect against Lactic Acid Bacteria spoilage. It also helps to extend your beers’ shelf life and stabilize the beer foam.

LYSOBIER imparts no noticeable taste or aroma, however..." taste tests revealed a preference for the sample treated with lysozyme"! www.ttb.gov/beer/approved_adjuncts.shtml


LYSOBIER protects where Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) will most likely spoil your beer (Learn how here)

LYSOBIER (Lysozyme) prolongs the stability of unpasteurized beer. Study (PDF)

Decontaminates the brewing yeast
Protects the vulnerable cooled wort
Treats and protects during fermentation
Extends the shelf life
USDA approved for Organic products

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